Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Team Play

This morning on NPR, Frank Leford lamented the lengths of the NBA season. He argued, with some merit that the playoff season was far too long. Given that the regular season ends in April, Leford argued that by the end of June interest in the sport had dwindled. I'll grant him that point, however, he went on to discuss how the Detroit-San Antonio series was one of the most boring in NBA history - as both teams were bereft of big name stars. What exciting about the Detroit-San Antonio series is the fact that these teams play so well together as teams and not as individuals. The amazing thing about watching Detroit for this gal who lacks a big sports education is how well they play together as a team - that energy breeds energy.

D-Troit Bas-ket-ball

So 'sheed did his job, but it was rip hamilton who carried the pistons through the game yesterday. Given Detroit's history as successful underdogs, I can't imagine San Antonio winning tomorrow.

But 'sheed did do his part and was awesome as well.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Sending the Puppies Back to Uzbekistan?

How Sad....

Thankfully Bozi didn't have to be sent back...

but I think sometimes he gets homesick.

Cardinal Sin Dead

I mean no disrespect to the dearly departed Cardinal who clearly filled his life with good works. But am I alone in viewing the headline withe some suspicion?

All up to 'Sheed

I don't make predictions, but i think its safe to say whatever happens tonight, its all up to Rasheed.


Sunday, May 01, 2005

In The beginning

Names he called